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Texas Law in Car Accidents
If you have been in a recent car accident in Texas, you should definitely consult with a car accident lawyer in Texas. Texas law regarding car accidents and other forms of personal injury are complicated, and a lawyer can provide much help in deciding what you are owed and from whom. 

Even if you don't think that you're going to need to file suit over your accident, you should at least consult with a lawyer to make sure that you're being reimbursed fairly.

Texas Law and Hospital Liens
The law with regard to hospital liens is a good reason why you should consult with a car accident lawyer in Texas. If a person is brought to a hospital in Texas within 72 hours of a car accident, the hospital must receive a reasonable reimbursement for any health care that is given to that person. Texas law can be interpreted to illustrate that this is even more important than attorneys' fees. 

If you have questions about how much of the damages your insurance pay out will take care of after the hospital lien, you should definitely contact a car accident attorney.

In many cases where you don't have sufficient funds to pay medical bills, your lawyer's office may pay this money for you ahead of any settlement.  Of course, your lawyer isn't about to give you a gift, so his expectation is that he will be well rewarded, because of a likely settlement you will win.

Texas Law and Lost Wages
If you have a great health care plan and had enough sick days to take care of your time spent off work, you should still contact a car accident lawyer in Texas. You are entitled to lost wages. Insurance companies are supposed to make you whole again with their payout, and that includes the lost sick days. If you've been in any recent car accident make sure you provide employment documentation to your lawyer. 

If you’re not getting a fair and adequate amount of money for your injuries, a personal injury lawyer can help you file your claim.

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