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If you’ve been in a car accident in Maryland, you should contact a car accident lawyer Maryland law has a longer statute of limitations for filing personal injury than some other states, but you want to make sure that you aren’t waiting until the last minute to decide if you need to file a personal injury claim. 

A lawyer can also help you to decide if the money that your insurance company offers first is enough, as well as whether or not it is necessary to file a claim.

Something to consider about car accidents and personal injury claims is the law in Maryland regarding negligence. This is another reason why you need to contact a car accident lawyer

Maryland law states that if you are also found partially negligible in the car accident then you will not receive as much money as a result of a personal injury claim as you would if you weren’t at fault at all. 

Several other states also have this policy, and consulting with a lawyer will help you to decide if you would be determined partially negligible after filing suit.

If you are having trouble figuring out how much money you should be getting from your insurance company, you should also contact a car accident lawyer. Maryland law is very specific about what you can and can’t expect to be reimbursed for. Therefore, you definitely need a car accident lawyer Maryland to help you decide if a personal injury claim is necessary or even a good idea. 

Usually, the claims adjuster will offer an amount that appears reasonable.  However, it's recommended by the car accident settlement gurus to never accept the first offer.  Estimating a Personal Injury Settlement helps to explain why and what is fair and reasonable in common accidents without serious injuries.  It is possible with specific formulas to estimate car accident settlements within an acceptable range.

Do you need an attorney?

  • An attorney will present documents in court when necessary, but the fact is that almost 95% of claims never go to court.
  • The most contact you have with an attorney is by phone after that free initial consultation.

If you’re not getting a fair and adequate amount of money for your injuries, a car accident lawyer Maryland can help you file your claim.

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One of the most recognized authorities in car accident settlements is Dan Baldyga.  Dan is a retired former national claims manager for one of the nations largest insurance companies. He was an expert company-side witness in hundreds of cases who saw how badly consumers were taken advantage of by the insurance and legal systems. He wrote his first self-help book and was promptly fired. Dan Baldyga is a selected Car Accident Settlements expert.

Dan's expert information is great for the everyday, non-technical reader:
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