Car accident advice provides up-to-the-minute information on post motor vehicle accident procedures. From what to do in the first seconds following the crash, to reporting to your insurance company, dealing with the other party's insurance, how to file a claim, and when not to sign on the dotted line.

Dec 12, 2013

Cash Structured Settlements - What structured settlement buyers don't tell you

Selling Cash Structured Settlements - How much will it cost?

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Dec 12, 2013

Car Accident Story

Car accident story - Memories return in slow motion...

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Dec 12, 2013

Advice After a Car Accident

Expert advice after a car accident is essential to ensuring that your rights under the law...

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Dec 11, 2013

Car Accident Causes

Car Accident Causes: 26 percent of drivers cause a car accident every ...

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Nov 05, 2012

Mom and Scott

My friend and I were only ten years old and my mother was 28 years old when we had a crash. My mom often horse played with my friend while he was in the

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Oct 10, 2012


Dear NHTSA - Backup Car Cameras are NOT the answer to back over accidents. They only address new cars from model year 2014 and newer, not the 60-90+ Million


Aug 09, 2012

Accident that changed my life.

On March 19, I was driving home from school. I decided to take the back way home because the city was doing construction work on the main road home. I

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Nov 15, 2011

If ya can't dodge it, ram it

I have been in a deer accident, we were on our way to a basketball game when a deer decided to run in front of our truck. We could not stop so we hit the

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Sep 27, 2011

Mothers day i will never forget.

It all started after we were done looking at my friends new to him, 95 turboed integra. I believe thats what it was. We were getting ready to leave when

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Sep 01, 2011

My very first car crash...almost 4 months ago, and I am still nervous.

On May 24th I had just pulled out from a gas station into a busy intersection. A driver was pulling out across the street from me and turned into the left

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