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Buck on the Highway

by Virginia
(Seattle, WA)

When I was in high school, we had just bought a brand new Reliant K car. My mother was driving. We didn't live far out in the country, just outside the suburbs of Kansas City. But we learned you don't have to live very far out to get tangled up with big game.

We had just pulled onto the highway and were picking up speed when a big, giant buck leapt up in front of us -- on the highway! We hit it and spun; it felt like slow motion.

When the car stopped spinning, it was mostly on the shoulder of the road. The front end of the car was completely bashed in, and the buck was in the ditch, dying. We waited until a state trooper came, and then hiked up to the next exit and called my father to pick us up (this was before cell phones).

The only kind of funny thing to this story is that my Dad (a very city kind of person and a vegetarian) had to help the trooper load the buck carcass into his trunk. The trooper was a big game hunter and wanted the meat.

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