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Brakes Didn't Stop the Car

by Brenda

I was not following anybody when I turned on Merrimac Trail to head home from training for a new security officer position. When I saw the other vehicle had stopped to make a left turn. I put on the brakes hard, but my vehicle skidded and kept moving hitting the right side of the back of his vehicle.

This is what I told the other driver. I even asked the other driver to call 911. The police officer who reported the accident scene faulted me with the accident after she spoke with the driver.

I only had Liability with Geico. Ever since the accident the Geico representatives have been rude, and do not want anything to do with me; since I been faulted for the accident.

The damage to my vehicle comes to $4,175.05, with some hidden damage. This is a new car, and I owe on an auto loan (amount deleted). My car payment will be due Feb 14th, all my bills will be late.

My job as a security officer is in Richmond, Va., and I am living and visiting Williamsburg for a year now. The vehicle is registered in California still.

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Feb 21, 2008
Importance of Carrying Collision Insurance
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry you had this bad experience, but, I have to say that if you were only carrying liability insurance, you can't really expect Geico to cover your own damage. And, I'm kinda surprised that the finance company allowed to to finance a car without having collision coverage (did you cancel it after you got the loan?)

If it's a new vehicle, you might be entitled to something from the manufacturer, since failed brakes are certainly a safety issue. It might be worth checking out.

Feb 21, 2008
only liability?
by: Anonymous

I thought that most banks and finance companys required comp & collision for the duration of the loan. Since you were only carrying liability, you might ask your finance company if they were carriying full coverage that you were paying for in your monthly car payment.

Jan 30, 2008
police entrapment?
by: Brenda

The way the Williamsburg Police offices responded so quickly, and I would not be surprised if the other driver and the police officers knew each other.

As far way as I was when I noticed the other vehicle stopped in the road, but I wear contact lenses for distance, and that day I wearing my glasses, so the distance was slightly blurry but I could still see to drive.

I only had Liability with Geico, which I did fill out the paper for collision, but did not send it in.

How many people on January 24, 2008 at 5:00 ET were in an accident the same time I was?

Jan 29, 2008
Liability Not Enough Coverage
by: Anonymous

First of all you state that your brakes refused to stop your car. Since it was a new car, then there might have been a road condition that prevented the tires from finding a grip. With few exceptions, the car that hits the car in front ("rear ends") is always to blame for the accident. Even if the roads were slick, the police are going to say that you should have been driving slower to have control of your vehicle.

Having only liability insurance coverage is not the best idea, and usually against the terms of an auto loan. If you owe someone for the vehicle you are usually required to carry full coverage.

You lived...you learn.

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