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Best Loans for Bad Credit

Past mistakes do not have to stop you from getting a car loan

The best loans for bad credit are probably not going to be found at a bank, right now. The banks have taken a hit recently as a result of giving credit risk loans. This has, in part, contributed to the unhealthy state of the U.S. economy.

However, just because you don’t have perfect credit, doesn’t mean you are out of the auto loan game. First of all, you have to be realistic and understand that it may take time and persistence to acquire that car loan, so don’t give up.

Try your local bank. If you’ve had an account there for awhile, you already have a relationship and that may help. Without customers and loans, banks wouldn’t stay in business. It is therefore possible to find the occasional bank that will still make loans, but be aware they may not be the best loans for bad credit.

The main thing you need to understand is that with bad credit you are not going to get the best interest rate. After all, the bank is going to take a chance on you, so they are going to make sure that they are paid for the chance they are taking. Instead of getting the going rate of five, six or seven percent, you could very easily end up paying 18% or higher.

If you absolutely cannot get a bank to give you on of their best loans for bad credit, then you might end up borrowing money from a relative. However, that’s probably not the best option, because defaulting on a family loan can cause some real problems.

Maybe a better option is to see about purchasing a vehicle at one of those “buy here pay here” used car dealerships. As long as you make your payments there, you can be assured that you will have a car to drive. However, if you don’t pay, they are probably much quicker to repossess that vehicle. Even if you pay perfectly, this type of auto loan will not improve your credit score, as most of these place do not submit reports to the credit reporting agencies.

Try an online lender. Often they have a much lower overhead, so can afford to make auto loans for a little lower rate. You can also often fill out one application and have it submitted to those lenders in your area most likely to be willing to make you a car loan.

Just remember, for the best loans for bad credit you need to be patient and persistent.

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