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Be Ready for Anything

Be ready or be sorry

Be ready for anything that could possibly happen is basically what the U.S. Government is telling the American people. Following 9/11 where so many people were caught off-guard, and with the ongoing threat of terrorism or natural disasters, the government is telling people to get ready and stay ready. “Being prepared means being ready" for whatever might possibly happen.

Why should this concern you, and why is this part of what is basically a car site? We are a mobile society, many people spending more time in their vehicles every day than they do with their families.

In an emergency, you need to immediately be able to decide whether you should stay or if you should evacuate. If you do decide that to remain in place will place you in grave danger, then your only option will be to leave. If you can drive, then having a 72-hour Survival Kit in your car will ensure that you have food, water, first aid, and other emergency essentials with you.

Many people who live in earthquake-prone areas have learned to be prepared for anything. They keep 72-hour Survival Kits in the trunk of their vehicle so that if they are away from home when the “Big One” hits they will have what they need to survive.

Along with the kit which is in a backpack or in a wheeled pack, they also keep a pair of sturdy walking shoes, a hat, jacket and other necessities, so that if they have to they can set off and walk home. Since many people drive anywhere from 10 to 50 or more miles to work every day, walking home could take days.

To be ready for anything means that earthquakes are not the only emergencies that could cause one to be grateful for the emergency kit in their car. Any unexpected weather emergency while traveling can place the vehicle driver and passengers in danger. A blizzard can strand you miles from help, as can an unexpected mechanical breakdown.

For more information, check out to learn more about how to be ready for whatever might occur. You can also find additional information about Car Survival Gear.

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