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Bank of Internet

Banking on the internet has amazing benefits

What is Bank of Internet? It is just what the name implies: a bank that exists totally on the internet without the necessity or expense of brick and mortar branches. A fully FDIC insured bank, traded on NASDAQ, this online bank offers all the services expected of a traditional bank.

Because there are no branches to maintain and staff, Bank of the Internet is able to offer higher rates on deposits. These lower operating costs also result in lower interest rates on loans and fewer fees.

Established in 1999, Bank of the Internet has a group of bankers dedicated to making this bank the most customer-friendly bank possible. With core values of respect for privacy, excellence and customer service, Bank of Internet believes customer satisfaction is directly tied in to their own viability.

More and more banking customer are turning to online banks because of the higher yields on accounts, industry stability and lower fees, and Bank of the Internet is the most successful of these online banks.

One of the benefits offered by this internet bank is the reimbursement of ATM fees. Since they don't have a network of ATMs around the country to manage and maintain, they are able to reimburse to their customers the ATM fees charged when they use the ATM's of other banks.

Another, and possibly surprising, reason more and more people are opening up accounts at Bank of theInternet is the reported excellent customer service. Imagine a teller at your local neighborhood bank shooting you an email just to say "take care out there". It is that kind of personal attention that makes this online bank continue to grow.

Perhaps the services most important to visitors to Car Accident Advice are the vehicle loan programs available at the Bank of the Internet. Get an Auto Loan in 1 Minute! Not only do they offer vehicle loans for new vehicle purchases, but they also offer used auto loans and refinancing of existing auto loans. In addition, you can finance your next RV through this online bank.

Not only can a car buyer get preapproved before shopping for a vehicle, but the rates are excellent and the decisions are delivered quickly. Bank of the Internet even encourages their customers to request same-day or next-day closings when they finance a vehicle through them. The auto finance rates at Bank of Internet are some of the most competitive in the entire country. Get an Auto Loan with our Free 60 Second Application.

The next time you are searching for online auto financing, check out the Bank of Internet. You might be so pleased that you will investigate the other services available at this innovative online bank.

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