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Bambi Commits Suicide

by Bruce P.
(Amelia, OH)

One morning on the way to work, we were rounding a bend in the car when my wife yelled "careful!" Before I could react to the glimpse of movement from the side, Bam! A deer hit the right side of the hood, front fender, and headlight.

By the time I realized what happened, we were a tenth of a mile away. I pulled over, examined the damage, said and few choice words and drove to work.

The night, I covered the headlight with thick clear plastic to protect the bulb, which had somehow survived. The next day I called the insurance company, which sent me to a body shop, where I left the car for a few days while it was fixed.

I was out a $500 deductible and the car rental charge, and a ton of inconvenience, all because Bambi chose that day to end his or her life.

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