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    It is possible to get a car without a credit check

    What are bad credit car dealerships? Probably the biggest and most well known of those car dealerships that make a point of working with people with credit problems is DriveTime. They say "Regardless of your situation, chances are you qualify."

    There is another type of bad credit car dealerships. These are those "buy here pay here" local dealerships. Almost every town has a small used card dealership that offers to sell you a vehicle. Instead of trying to get a car loan thru a regular lender, this type of dealership carries the paper and you make the payments to them.

    Several years ago when I was living in New Mexico I had a chance to experience one of these bad credit car dealerships. For me that dealership was a lifesaver and I consider them an option should I find myself in similar need at anytime in the future.

    Our old 1972 pickup just up and died (actually caught fire on the side of the road) and I found myself without a vehicle for the 30-mile trip to work every day. A friend told me about a small "buy here pay here" used car dealership in the next town over. She personally knew the owner and figured if she vouched for me he might be able to help me.

    Sure enough, without even running a credit check, I was able to buy a truck and drove home with a set of newer wheels. Every month I made the payments and enjoyed the air conditioning of my "new" gas-guzzling truck.

    About a year later, as gas prices had risen, I realized that with what it was coasting me in fuel to drive down the mountain to work and back up the mountain every day that I could probably afford a second car. It would be cheaper for me to get a used gas-friendly car for running back and forth to work and let my husband use the truck for his occasional jobs.

    I returned to my favorite bad credit car dealership and drove home with a little zip-around Hyundai with over 100,000 miles. But the price was right and it would be very energy efficient.and it was! A few months later I drove to Salt Lake City, Utah from northern New Mexico and only spent $50 for the entire round trip! This was just as gas all over was approaching the $2 mark!

    Eleven months later when I went in to make my next to last payment on my little Hyundai, I happened to mention that I was thinking about trading in this car and the truck in on a new vehicle. Next thing I know I'm driving home with a 2004 Ford Escort, with an employee from the dealership to drive back the truck that I'd just traded in!

    I would highly recommend these buy-here-pay-here bad credit car dealerships for those who have credit problems or a short employment history. The one thing to keep in mind is that most of these dealerships do not report to any kind of credit bureau. The bad thing about that is that even if you maintain a perfect payment history with them it will not improve your credit rating.

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