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by Tony Nestora
(Redding, CT, USA)

backupbetter.com lens

backupbetter.com lens

backupbetter.com lens Little boy driver cannot see! Now driver can see little boy behind her car

Dear NHTSA - Backup Car Cameras are NOT the answer to back over accidents. They only address new cars from model year 2014 and newer, not the 60-90+ Million SUV's, minivans, station wagons, and pickup trucks that were sold over the last 15-20 years- those are the real problem!! In today's difficult economy more and more people are holding on to their current/old cars rather than buying a new one with a backup camera. AND- the camera is not intuitive, it requires a learning curve. Who wants to have to look forward at your dashboard when you are going backward? Then your field of vision is limited to what the camera sees only, nothing else. One of our fresnel lenses installs easily inside the back window of any SUV, minivan, station wagon, or crossover. Because it's inside, it doesn't get dirty and restrict your vision like a backup camera can, especially in the winter. The lens has no learning curve, you do what you always did - turn to the right, look over your right shoulder and out the back window. Now you can see everything you did before, your field of vision is far greater than with a camera, AND you can now see into your "blind zone" because of the lens. Yes a camera does a great job letting you see your blind zone right behind your car. But they are way too expensive for the average American to retrofit into their old/existing vehicle when they can buy an easy to install lens that works just as well showing you your blind zone and it only costs $15 !! A camera would cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to have installed, you can't do it yourself. Again, the problem is the cars already on the road right now driving around with no add-on visual aids and with horrible rearward vision, that's who you need to address, not the new cars that haven't even come out yet!! FYI - Tony Nestora , I can be reached at either of the e-mail addresses shown in the cc: section above or at (203) - 938-0408.

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