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Automobile Vehicle History Reports

Buying used cars without Automobile Vehicle History Reports can be costly.

When making the decision on which used car to buy, automobile vehicle history reports are an essential tool. AutoCheck’s web site lets the car shoppers check as many titles through the car’s Vehicle Identity Number help with this important decision. Why buy a car with problems when they can be detected through an AutoCheck car history report?

VINs Never Change

Every car sold has its own serial number called a Vehicle Identity Number, or VIN. When a car’s ownership is transferred, is totaled by an insurance company, or if it has been in an accident, a report is issued and put in various databases. Companies like AutoCheck have accesses to these databases and share the information with the consumer through their automobile vehicle history reports.

A VIN report at AutoCheck tells the prospective buyer if the Vehicle Identification Number matches the recorded make, model, and body style of the car in question. If these things do not match up then it is possible that something is fishy with the title. Getting an automobile vehicle history report is easy at AutoCheck and can eliminate some of these concerns. Don't buy a used car without AutoChecking it first.

Know the Odometer

A vehicle history report will give more information, including what the registration history is on the car, the current title status, and what the reported mileage. The registration history of the car can tell if the car was used as a taxi or rental vehicle while current title status can declare the title free and clear of liens or other legal technicalities. The history of the odometer reading is important to make sure that the mileage that the prospective buyer sees on the car’s dashboard matches up with the AutoCheck’s history report. Protect yourself from hidden problems. Check the vehicle's history before you buy with an official AutoCheck® vehicle history report.

Sometimes a car is in an accident, is totaled by an insurance company or is damaged as result of a flood. A vehicle history check can show this history and give the buyer the information to make an informed decision before putting out money for a mechanical inspection. That may not find this damage.

A Plan of Action

Another reason a vehicle history report from AutoCheck is a good plan of action is that sometimes a car has problems going back to the manufacturer. Vehicle reports can tell if a car is under recall or has been declared a lemon.

Wise shoppers make the automobile vehicle history reports available at AutoCheck an important tool in their car buying experience. Shopping for a used car? For only $44.99, an AutoCheck® Unlimited lets you check unlimited VINs for vehicle history for 60 days.

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