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An AutoCheck vehicle report consists of more than just a superficial title check or an accident history of a vehicle. A vehicle report by AutoCheck features everything you could possibly want to know about a vehicle before you buy it.
The AutoCheck vehicle report covers at least four major categories of a vehicle's history, thus guaranteeing that you have the most comprehensive information available about that vehicle. By providing information on Title Check, Problem Check, Odometer Check and Vehicle Use and Event Check, AutoCheck covers a vehicle's entire existence from the day it rolls out of the showroom floor to the date it finally arrives to the place where you are looking at it.

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The AutoCheck vehicle history report Title Check provides information on whether the vehicle has been a salvage vehicle or been declared a total loss by an insurance company. If the car has been rebuilt this will also be reported, as will damage to the body or mechanical parts, or fire damage.

The Problem Check will report whether an auto auction has reported structural weakening frame damage. It will also report if the vehicle has been part of a lemon buy-back, been reported by an auto auction as a salvaged vehicle, or has been designated as a flood or water damaged vehicle.

The Odometer check provided by the AutoCheck vehicle report gives an extensive look at the odometer history of the vehicle. Some of this information may have been provided by a wholesale auto auction that has reported an odometer rollback or tampering. State officials may also identify a vehicle as having suspect miles. The Odometer check will also indicate if the vehicle has been reported to have a broken odometer or to have more miles than can be displayed by the odometer.

As reported by law enforcement agencies, the Vehicle Use and Event Check reports on accidents that the vehicle was involved in. It will also show if the vehicle has been reported as stolen. Additionally, it will indicate whether the vehicle was used by a law enforcement agency, as a taxi or as part of a fleet vehicle.

It was this part of the report that saved me several hundred dollars when I purchased my vehicle. The mileage was about twice what it should have been for a two-year old car. The vehicle history report showed that the car had originally been owed by a car rental company. With that information I was able to negotiate a lower price.

The small fee charged for an AutoCheck vehicle report can be more than paid for when it comes time to negotiate the purchase price of the vehicle in question. Not only that, but it can save you hundreds in repairs and maintenance by ensuring that the vehicle is in good condition, with a clean history.

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