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AutoCheck vehicle history reports are a valuable tool for a car buyer. Whether the consumer is shopping at dealerships, online, or using the newspaper or trader magazines the information provided in a vehicle history report can bring real peace of mind.
While it is free to run a simple VIN check to verify that the year, make and model do match the VIN of the vehicle you are checking, a nominal fee will be required to receive a more comprehensive report. Instead of paying for a single report, for a few dollars more an AutoCheck Account will allow unlimited reports for a period of sixty days.

AutoCheck vehicle history reports contain a wealth of information certain to help the car buyer purchase a good vehicle and avoid problem vehicles. This information is obtained from billions of records provided by various reporting agencies and companies across the United States and Canada.

The vehicle history report checks on fifteen different types of title problems, including: abandoned, salvaged, insurance loss and rebuilt titles. It will also reveal whether there has been a lemon or manufacturer buyback title issued for the vehicle that has been reported.

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Additionally, AutoCheck vehicle history reports will show any odometer discrepancies that have been reported. This odometer check will also indicate whether the odometer has been reported as broken or whether the mileage is too high to be accurately displayed by the odometer.

The historical use check will reveal whether the car was originally owned by a law enforcement agency or by a taxi company. It will show whether it was part of a fleet or used as a rental vehicle.

The events check with show if any agency or insurance company has reported an accident for that vehicle. It will also show every place that the vehicle has been registered in the past and whether it was ever reported as stolen.

Next time you are going car shopping make sure you run AutoCheck vehicle history reports for any vehicle you consider purchasing. Either get your own AutoCheck account or ask the dealership to run a free report for you.

AUTOCHECK Vehicle History Reports
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