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You've heard the term and have been advised to get one, but what exactly is an Autocheck Vehicle History Report? Do you really need to check out that used vehicle you are thinking about buying? How do you get such a report and what kind of information does it give?

First of all, AutoCheck has become the best and most reliable source of historical information for vehicles in Canada and the United States. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anyone can obtain a report by typing in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and paying a small fee.

Using sources in both the US and Canada, AutoCheck has compiled a database of over one billion records on cars and light trucks. This data has been obtained from police and fire departments, auto auctions, insurance companies, motor vehicle departments and inspection stations in both countries.

What type of information does the report give? It includes all title and registration activity, odometer readings, as well as rental and lease usage. Starting with vehicle specification such as the VIN number, it will give the exact make and model, engine, fuel and driveline specifications, and the country of manufacture.

Next, AutoCheck will provide a title history, revealing if there has ever been a problem title issued. What is a "problem title?" Just what it says it is, a title issued as a result of a problem or damage to a vehicle, such as: Junk or salvage title, rebuilt/reconstructed title, a flood damage title, or a lemon title. There are also titles for vehicles that exceed mechanical limits and for a vehicle that does not display the actual mileage.

If the vehicle being checked is found to be free of problem titles, AutoCheck will then issue a Clean Title History Guarantee. This guarantee says that AutoCheck will pay the holder of the report if the report says there is a clean title history and yet a problem title is found to actually exist for that vehicle.

A AutoCheck vehicle history report will then provide an Odometer Rollback check. Ideally, you want to see a result of: "No odometer rollback detected." Odometer readings are typically reported anytime a title or registration is issued, when a vehicle is submitted for a state-mandated emissions inspection or in a police accident report.

Lastly will be the Vehicle History Details. This part of the report shows the entire history of the vehicle from the date it was first registered by the manufacturer or importer. The date, the odometer reading will be reported, as well as the information source, such as the motor vehicle department of a specific state.

The details trace the history of a vehicle from the time it was "born" to the time it was sold at auction for parts. Obtaining this report will greatly reduce a person's risk of making a mistake. However, a report like this does not guarantee that there are not other problems with a vehicle.

A smart buyer will not rely totally on a vehicle history report. Instead he or she will always conduct, or have conducted, a good physical inspection of any vehicle before finalizing the deal. The AutoCheck vehicle history report is simply another tool to help consumers make informed decisions when it comes to buying a used vehicle.

AUTOCHECK Vehicle History Reports
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