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There are two options to an AutoCheck report. There is the free report based on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that is typed on the home page of the AutoCheck.com site.
This free lemon report will verify the year, make and model of the VIN number that you enter. In addition it will confirm the body or style and engine specification. The country where the car was assembled will also be a part of the free report. Lastly, this report offered will specify the quantity of history records for the vehicle.

Looking for a used car? Get a FREE VIN check at AutoCheck®.

For a nominal fee you can then purchase a vehicle history report that will detail every bit of historical data available for your vehicle. If you are in the process of car shopping you can purchase the option that provides unlimited AutoCheck checks for the next 60 days.

These complete vehicle history reports are created from information gathered from various governmental data bases, and official and private reporting agencies. AutoCheck updates this information on a daily basis; so that you can be assured that you are receiving the most up-to-date information possible.

An AutoCheck report in its most complete form provides title check information, odometer information, salvage, and accident information. In addition it will supply the information on how the car was previously used; police, taxi or rental.

A bit of knowledge that I found helpful was the "Full History" part of the report that showed historical events for the vehicle. For my car I was able to see exactly how many times the car had received an oil change during the time it was used as a rental car. That gave me peace of mind as to what kind of care it had received in the past.

The vehicle history check also showed me every state the car had been registered. This can be important, especially in the months and years following a major natural disaster. Just because you live on the West Coast doesn't mean that the car you are considering for purchase didn't go through a flood in Missouri two years ago.

Be safe. Order your AutoCheck report and be assured that you know all that you can possibly know before signing on the bottom line.

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