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Obtain a AutoCheck Password by visiting the online AutoCheck website. You'll have immediate access to the hundreds of thousands of AutoCheck vehicle history reports online. You will need to become a AutoCheck member in order to obtain a password.

To become a member,
1) You need to first visit the online AutoCheck Report website: Click Here.
2) Second, obtain an account such as the AutoCheck Unlimited Plan that creates a password. To start, click here.

Your username and password gives you access to the information you need through the AutoCheck login page.

AutoCheck Password security suggestions

As with most secured online areas, you must create a password that consists of at least four, but no more than twenty characters. These characters may be alpha-characters or numeric characters or a combination of both.

Do not use"special" characters or symbols, such as "#, !, %, @, &, or *" for example. If you try to use these types of characters as or as part of your AutoCheck password you'll be prompted to change your password and in many cases you lose some entered information.

A good, secure password is one that you can remember, but hard for others to figure out. That may sound obvious, but selecting the family dog birthdate or the middle child's favorite movie appears complex at first, but the result is still an easy to determine password. Also, password hackers who use webbots to locate passwords can easily find specific characters and crack common word passwords.

Mix letter and numbers together and use mixed cases

Most successful passwords mix letters and numbers together and in mixed cases, such as 'Az891Thanks'. As long as that's a meaningful and easy to remember password for you, then it's an excellent AutoCheck password choice.

In addition, a good secure AutoCheck password is different from the passwords that you use to access other online services (such as AOL, CompuServe, or MSN). When you use one password for all your accounts, you have much convenience for yourself and an unscrupulous hacker who may get the attention of a large mail service and then eventually to an online AutoCheck Report account. Choose different passwords for your online accounts and keep a record of these not on your computer. Don't buy a rebuilt wreck. . .Order a AutoCheck Vehicle History Report

Once you've come up with a good secure password, protect it by periodically changing it. You can change your AutoCheck password anytime from the AutoCheck login page. That way, if anyone does figure out what your password is, it will no longer work. You should also keep your password confidential.

Never give out any password through email

AutoCheck representatives have absolutely no need to ask for your password, so don't share it with anyone - especially if you receive a request for it in email from a supposed AutoCheck representative. Should you ever get a request for your password through email for any of your online services, consider it a scam and don't answer it. Follow up any concerns with a phone call to the respectable company. Check every used car as you shop with Unlimited AutoCheck Reports!

In the event that you suspect your password has been stolen, notify AutoCheck support immediately and access the AutoCheck login page to create a new one.

AUTOCHECK Vehicle History Reports
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