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What is the difference between a AutoCheck Free Report and the other's report? Basically, the information provided is the same, although the "extras" may vary somewhat. For those who are shopping for a vehicle one of those "extras" is the ability to run an unlimited number of vehicle history reports.

With AutoCheck you can run an unlimited number of reports for a very limited amount of time; 30 days. AutoCheck goes the extra mile. Understanding that sometimes shopping for a vehicle takes more than just 30 days, they give account-holders 60 days in which to run vehicle histories.

An AutoCheck report searches the same databases as are searched for a AutoCheck free report. As with any reports generated from those databases, the information produced is only as good as the information contained in the databases. In other words, as good as an online vehicle history report is, it can only show the information that has been reported.

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For instance, if an accident is not reported to a law enforcement agency, then that information will not show up on either the AutoCheck free report or the AutoCheck report. However, a reputable car dealership will often provide an "accident all clear" from a third-party provider.

To be on the safe side the wise car shopper should always run an AutoCheck history report. This report will ensure that the vehicle has not been issued a salvage title, a lemon title, or a flood title. It will also show if the vehicle has been totaled by an insurer and then issued a title afterwards.

These reports are such a valuable selling tool, that many auto dealerships are now offering a AutoCheck free report. Often the car buyer can insist on a vehicle history report in order to verify that the vehicle is what it appears to be.

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