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An AutoCheck account is a must have if you are considering purchasing a used motor vehicle. For a nominal fee you can run an unlimited number of reports for sixty (60) days.
Many people buy vehicles from individuals rather than going thru a dealership. If you are one of those types of car shoppers, using the auto trader type of publications that can be purchased at most convenience stores, then you definitely need an account with AutoCheck.

With an Autocheck account you can take your time shopping and find the perfect vehicle. Being able to run an unlimited number of vehicle history reports is as simple as typing in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Within a matter of moments you will receive a comprehensive report of the vehicle's history.

Looking for a used car? Get a FREE VIN check at AutoCheck®.

Of course, the information provided by any reporting company is only as complete as the data submitted. While AutoCheck looks at billions of records, failure by dealerships, agencies and other sources to report can occasionally result in an incomplete history. It is this reason that AutoCheck offers its AutoCheck Buyback Protection.

This buyback protection, available with an AutoCheck account protects the consumer from purchasing a car with missing title information. If a vehicle is purchased, after running an AutoCheck vehicle history report that doesn't show an existing problem title, then the AutoCheck Buyback Protection will protect the consumer show a problem title actually exist for that newly purchased vehicle.

More auto dealerships are using an AutoCheck account to encourage sales. When a potential car buyer shops with one of these dealerships, he or she can request and receive a free motor vehicle history report on any vehicle being considered for purchase. Don't be afraid to request a motor vehicle history report the next time you visit a dealership.

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