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Car Rental Insurance

Always opt for the additional car rental insurance
Not long ago I learned the value of purchasing car rental insurance. It happened when a friend told me what had happened to him when he had to get a rental car after a car accident. I'll let him tell you his story in his own words.

"Recently, my car was totaled by some teenagers driving home after a party, in their parents Escalade, on a very cold snowy night. I was driving home from work at about 30mph because the roads were very slippery and the plows had not been out yet.

A sixteen year old ran a stop sign and hit me almost head on. I walked out without a scratch but unfortunately my car had the engine placed in the backset by the impact. Needless to say, the teen got the ticket for reckless driving, so I was totally covered by my insurance.

Luckily, my auto insurance also covered a rental car until the claim was settled. I picked up the rental vehicle the next day, a Kia Sorrento. I will never understand why I chose to get the additional car rental insurance that was offered by the rental agent but I am sure glad I did. I have driven rentals several times while on vacations and business trips, but I have never opted for the additional insurance.

When I arrived home with my rental car, I parked in my usual spot in the driveway, nothing out of the ordinary. Michigan winter storms can be very harsh and this night was no exception. The temperature was hovering around -5 F all night.

When I left to go out the next day, I opened the car door and both back windows cracked and sort of imploded. There was broken glass all over the backseat and I of course was dumbfounded. I collected myself and called the rental agency. Because I had purchased the additional auto rental insurance, they brought me another car within an hour.

If I had not done so, I would have been covered by my normal auto insurance, but would have had to pay a $500.00 deductible! From now on, when I need a rental car, I will always opt for the additional car rental insurance. Who knows what could happen?" - Compare car insurance quotes. You could be saving money.

I've learned my lesson without learning it the hard way. Hopefully this will be a word to the wise for you also. Be safe and remember: if you have to rent a car, spend the little extra to get the car rental insurance.

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