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When traveling one usually asks the question of which is the cheapest way to get there and then get around? Sometimes flying to your destination, and then renting an automobile is the cheapest and easiest way.

You can find many auto rental deals online by simply searching the web. A few of the best car rental companies that come to mind are,,, and You can compare auto rental rates on these websites and find your best deal.

You can see also which airports offer the car pick-up at the airport itself. Many large airports, such as Miami, have many auto rental places right inside the airport, saving you the hassle of finding a way to the rental place.

Sometimes a website will have auto rental deals that include the car and the plane ticket, reducing your overall expenses. Keep in mind that most auto rental agencies have an age limit when renting a car. Each place differs, but the average age to rent is 25. If you are under 25 there may be a way to rent a car, but an additional "underage" charge might come into affect.

Renting a vehicle is usually not that expensive, and if you rent from a known place such as Hertz, there is a nice variety to choose from. Which vehicle you choose usually depends on a lot of factors. The most important being how many people are you traveling with. This will determine the size of the car you need.

If you have a large family you can get an SUV or minivan. This is also convenient because the whole family can drive around together without having a train of cars in a foreign place. It eliminates the problem of people getting lost.

If you are only a couple you can splurge and drive a car of your dreams, such as a sports car. Maybe on vacation you just want to live life to the fullest. Renting a luxurious 2 door Mercedes is surely a way to enjoy your time.

Auto rental deals provide a good alternative to driving all the way to a destination, especially if you want the luxury of going wherever you want while on vacation.

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