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Today an Auto Record Check can be the only visible notice of damage done to that shiney car you're about to buy.

During the past few years repaired, but previously damaged cars, have saturated the market. These vehicles have more problems than just having an odometer rollback or those that were once used as police cruisers. Many vehicles were seriously flood damaged or have suffered major accident damage.

Some of these cars are sold at auction as salvaged vehicles.
auto record check

Once the salvaged vehicle gets matched up with a bodyshop that's looking to make fast money, then it's easy work to create a shiny car that looks like new. A auto bodyshop that has experienced and talented people can use 'good enough' parts from their own salvage yard to restore the body and paint it up to look like new in as little as one week.

Today you have a big advantage that your parents didn't have years ago.
Looking for a used car? Get a FREE VIN check at AutoCheck®.
You can look up any auto you want to view in order to see its vehicle history through an vehicle Record Check.

When you're shopping around for a used car especially today, before you buy the vehicle the experts give two strong recommendations:
    1. Drive it to a mechanic you may have to pay to look over the vehicle.
    2. Get a comprehensive vehicle record check at AutoCheck.

There are many thieves around today who want to make money off your hard work, but they've been around since we rode horses. Back then a horse thief was shot or hung. Today you have a database like AutoCheck to stop the sale before you buy a lemon.

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