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Auto Insurance No Credit Check

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Most states require that anyone who owns and drives a vehicle carry some sort of auto insurance. The shock for many people occurs when they try to get coverage, but do not have great credit. Auto insurance no credit check sounds too good to be true but it is available to those who suffer with a low credit score.

Most are not sure why the insurance companies check your credit before you can get qualified, but there are some assumptions. Insurance companies may check your credit because they believe there is a connection between financial stability and risk.

Studies have proven that if you have good credit, you are usually at lower risk. They have also shown that if you have good credit you are unlikely to commit insurance fraud.

Unfortunately many people are in the situation where their credit is not so good. There's nothing quite as discouraging as needing to insure your vehicle only to be turned down because of your credit. Having bad credit does not necessarily mean you cannot insure your car, but it will affect which company will insure you.

Some companies such as All State and Progressive do not use credit checks in certain circumstances. Even those companies that do a credit check will often still insure you, but your rates will be much higher. So do not be discourage it is possible to get auto insurance no credit check.

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On the bright side you will have coverage and your credit will not be checked. Bad credit is usually classified under 600 points, while good credit is anything above 700. If you are afraid that your credit will ruin your chance of getting insurance make sure you go to a company that offers auto insurance no credit check. - Compare car insurance quotes. You could be saving money.

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