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    Parents can help their teens be better drivers

    Auto insurance company rankings are just one of the tools used to help you when you are comparison shopping for auto insurance coverage. How an insurance company reacts and responds during the claims process will greatly impact your general satisfaction with the company as a whole.

    J.D. Power and Associates released "2008 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study" after conducting a study of 2007 to 2008 customer claims. These customers rated 25 insurance companies for their satisfaction with the claims process.

    The study also revealed those practices that earned those companies a place in the auto insurance company ranking report. Those companies that performed well in these areas ensured their customer's satisfaction. Those practices are:

    • Answer all their customer's questions
    • Manage their customer's expectations of the claims settlement
    • Are genuine in their concern for the customer's situation
    • Steer clear of negotiated settlements
    • Appointments for appraisals are flexible
    • Return the customer's phone calls and emails
    • Representatives have access to all information
    • Consistently keep the customer updated
    • Ensure the customer understands the claims process
    • Provide and follow a timeline for the claims process

    Unfortunately the customers who participated in the car insurance company rankings process felt that their insurance company failed in at least a few of the service practices. Even then 75% of the insurance customers indicated that they would absolutely renew their auto insurance policy.

    See each of the 25 auto insurance company rankings from the results of the study.

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