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    Best tips for buying auto insurance

    Here are the top auto insurance buying tips to help you get the best coverage for the best prices possible. Some people stay with the same provider they've had for years, sometimes staying with the insurance company that their parents used.

    That is the worst thing you can do. You are not your parents! You need to find your own auto insurance and to help you we're providing the top six car insurance buying tips.

    1. Determine the Required Coverage - Before you go shopping for insurance you need to know what kind of insurance you need. Basic insurance coverage requirements can vary greatly from state to state. The main differences are in the amount of liability limits and whether or not uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is required.

    2. Decide if You Need More than the Required Limits - Basically the more assets you own, the higher your coverage should be. If you are at fault in an accident have just the bare minimum coverage that doesn't cover a claim against you, then a smart lawyer will go after your other assets. However, if you're barely getting by and don't own anything of value, then the bare minimum required by your state will be plenty.
    3. Take Your Habits into Consideration - If you have a history of car accidents, speeding tickets or a tendency to stop for a drink of the way home from work, you might want to consider buying extra coverage. Just beware that no matter what these auto insurance buying tips suggest, a bad driving record will automatically increase your auto insurance premium.

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    4. Shop Around - Car insurance rates can vary greatly from one insurance provider to another. A couple of tickets or a less than perfect credit score, and before you know it you are being penalized by some insurance providers with higher rates. Don't just settle for the first insurance quote that you receive, chances are that you can get a lower quote and often from an insurance company with better coverage. Think about it and practice good auto insurance buying tips. Sometimes the difference between one quote and another can be in the hundreds of dollars. In this economy I'm sure you can find a use for that money!
    1. Get Competitive Quotes - Go online and visit any of a number of sites, such as that will return a number of comparative quotes. Usually this only takes a few minutes. You can also go to the individual insurance providers' websites to obtain a quote.

    2. Work the Phone - Not all insurance companies provide insurance coverage online. So get the online Yellow Pages and look up some local insurance companies and get quotes from them. Make sure you have your vehicle information, registration, driver's license. Once you get the quote, ask them to email you a confirmation of the quote.

    3. Make a list of all the quotes as you receive them, along with the types of coverage, payment plan options, the toll-free number, and payment policy

    4. Visit your state's Department of Insurance website and research consumer complaints for those providers you're considering
    1. Get the Discounts - Make sure you ask about discounts you might qualify to receive, including: excellent driving record, good credit score, vehicle safety equipment, and even a good student discount.

    2. Read the Policy - Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you carefully read the policy. Make sure the coverage you think you are getting is actually what you are paying for. Every policy should contain two clauses, and you need to make sure your contract contains them:
    1. The Right to Sue - You want to have the right to go to court if a disagreement arises between you and the insurance company.

    2. No Aftermarket Parts Requirement - Some insurance companies try to cut corners when it comes to fixing your car by insisting that "aftermarket parts," "like kind and quality" and "new factory" parts are to be used. Avoid this clause as it means non-manufacturer-approved parts could be used to fix your vehicle.

    A lot of auto insurance buying tips are just basic common sense and good bargain hunting strategies. If you follow these basic auto insurance buying tips your search for quality, affordable insurance should be an enjoyable process.

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