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Angel In America

These "angels" are everywhere and some even fly from coast-to-coast as Angel Flight™ America

"Angel Flight, this Angel in America, offers hope and help for ambulatory patients during a time of crisis by providing free transportation to life-sustaining treatment at distant medical facilities. There is absolutely no charge to the patient." - Angel Flight

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Angel Flight America
is a Car Accident Advice
Angel In America selection

Fast Facts from the Angel Flight™ America website.

  • Angel Flight America is the largest charitable air transportation organization in the world.
  • Angel Flight America represent over 90% of all charitable aviation flights in America.
  • In 2002, Angel Flight flew more than 25,000 passengers on 11,000 flights.
  • Nearly 40% of our missions are for children and 60% are for adults with hundreds of different illnesses and needs.
  • Each dollar donated generates at least four dollars worth of contributed services by Angel Flight volunteers.

Angel Flight America may assist Car Accident Advice readers who require special assistance with loved ones after a serious car accident.

Angel Flight America also accepts pilot assistance from those who can donate flight time as well as general assistance from the rest of us who can help on the ground. Angel Flight America is a wonderful Angel in America selection from Car Accident Advice, because they provide so much assistance to so many people and at least 94% of donated money is used directly to assist others.

Car Accident Advice has no direct connection with Angel Flight America except that we believe in their good work.

  • With more than 5000 pilots, Angel Flight America is the largest volunteer pilot organization in the U.S.
  • Angel Flight handles more than 20,000 mission requests annually.
  • Volunteer pilots "provide" the transportation by donating their time, talent, airplane, fuel and operating expenses.

Who May Use Angel Flight?

You may qualify as an Angel Flight passenger if you:

  • Are ambulatory or have some mobility.
  • Are medically stable and able to fly in an unpressurized plane.
  • Have demonstrated financial need and are unable to afford other means of commercial transportation.
  • Are any age
  • Have received any medical diagnosis.
  • Accompany a patient who fits the above criteria.
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