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Technology is improving to meet the specific needs for all occupant types protected by air bag restraints. However, even in advanced frontal air bag equipped vehicles, NHTSA still recommends that you:

Always wear your safety belt. Advanced frontal bags are a supplemental restraint system, just like earlier generation bags, and must be used in combination with a safety belt. All occupants should wear a safety belt or be seated in an appropriate child safety restraint system.

Place children 12 and under in the back seat. Parents and caregivers should always place children 12 and under in the back seat in an appropriate child safety restraint system (see Child Safety Seat Use Chart, The back seat is the safest place for children. Head-on crashes cause the greatest number of serious injuries and deaths. A child sitting in the back seat is farthest away from the impact of the crash and thus is less likely to be injured in a head-on crash. 

Get out your owner’s manual. Advanced frontal air bag systems, while smart systems, cannot be designed to handle every situation and can still cause serious injury or death to occupants who are not in a proper seating position. It is imperative that you read your owner’s manual to understand the operation of your vehicle’s air bag system.

What are advanced frontal air bags?
Advanced frontal air bags are designed to meet the needs of the occupant in a variety of specific crash situations. Depending on design, advanced frontal air bags systems automatically determine if and with what level of power the driver frontal air bags and the passenger frontal air bag will inflate. The appropriate level of power is based upon sensor inputs that can typically detect 

(1) occupant size, 
(2) seat position, 
(3) seat belt use of the occupant, and 
(4) crash severity.

Some systems also use the occupant’s distance from the air bag as an additional input.

Know Your Car History & Diminished Value 
History databases on used cars are extensive and readily available.  When it comes time for you to sell a previously damaged used car, a buyer can very easy to claim diminished value due to any damage.  

Used cars that have been in car accidents are often worth substantially less money than used cars that don’t have  car accident histories. As a result, it’s important to know that the car you’re looking to buy has not suffered serious damage repairs if you want to get a fair price. Air bags are often stolen by unscrupulous car repair shops or replaced with defective air bags.

When you’re shopping for used cars, make sure that you check all the information about the cars you’re looking at before you make a purchase.  It's easy to discover what car accident information is listed on your car for free at CarFax record check

A little money now can save you thousands when buying a vehicle that looks perfect, but just had great body work finished to complete the sale.  When you've settled on a used car, it's recommended to get the full report.  

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