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Advantages to Car Leasing


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Advantages to Car Leasing

The pros and cons of leasing a vehicle

If you are considering getting a new car you need to know there are some advantages to car leasing. Many people question whether buying or leasing is the best option. There are some advantages to leasing a car over simply buying one.

First of all, you are getting a brand new car when you lease, usually with lower monthly payments. Because the lease is only for a certain amount of time, you are not paying the whole amount for the car.

Also, leasing allows you to get a new car every so often. If you signed a lease for 36 months, then after the three years you have no obligations and you can get something completely new.

Another of the advantages to car leasing is the benefit of no payment or low down payment at the time of the lease. You can go into a dealer and drive out with a brand new car for little or nothing down. You also have the option of putting more money down, or trading your vehicle in, which will decrease the monthly payments.

Another great advantage is that the taxes are lower. When purchasing a new car you need to pay the full amount of taxes for that particular state. On the other hand, when leasing a car the tax is usually included in the monthly payments so you do not feel the big chunk of change being taken out at once. You are also not taxed on the whole amount of the car, just the amount you are leasing the car for.

The last of our car leasing tips: when your lease ends you do not have to worry about selling the car and having negative equity. You simply turn the car in with no further obligations. If you want a brand new car with less monthly payments, no obligation at the end of the term, and lower taxes, then you will find definite advantages to car leasing.

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