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Accident that changed my life.

by Kellie
(Citeonelle, AL)

On March 19, I was driving home from school. I decided to take the back way home because the city was doing construction work on the main road home. I was driving and I turned on to the dirt road, it was just another day of coming home. The next thing I know, my cousin is screaming, I'm hitting the brake, and everything feels like its not even real. I got out of the car and dialed 911, before the operator could ask what the emergency was I saw what I had done. I hit someone's child. I couldn't stop crying to tell the operator the correct address or even the road. When the paramedics got there and took him to the hospital, the cops asked me what happened. I told them what I could and the man driving behind me told them what he saw and that I couldn't have stop and wasn't speeding. The cop let me leave but couldn't ride in the truck. I had my neighbors mom come get me and my neighbor drove the truck home. About 4 days after that the boy was released and is doing good. But I still have nightmares and wake up with chest pains and can't breath when I do. I haven't gotten any help for it because they just try to get me to cry or tell me to breath and think of something different but it isn't easy.

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