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Accident Reconstruction Specialist


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Accident Reconstruction Specialist

This professional can mean the difference in winning or losing your car accident lawsuit

Why might you need an accident reconstruction specialist? Just imagine heading home from work, eager to watch Monday Night Football with your son. The Packers are playing the Chiefs and you can't wait to see what happens.

The light turns green, you pause a second to make sure no one is running the red light. As you begin to accelerate through the intersection, from nowhere comes a pickup truck and smashes into your passenger side door. You don't feel injured at the time, just a bit shook up.

The police come and take the statements and everyone is in agreement that it was not your fault. Imagine your surprise when, several months later you are being sued! What do you do? This is a time you might make use of an accident reconstruction specialist.

The accident scene reconstruction specialist uses technology and a specialized knowledge to 'redo' the accident to find the truth. Since numbers and facts cannot lie, people find the valuable expertise that these experts bring can make or break their case.

An accident reconstruction specialist will typically use four factors when making their reconstruction of the car accident. These are roadway geometry, mechanical factors, weather conditions and human factors. Your expert will visit the scene, take measurements and review the law enforcement agencies report. They will also visit with the witnesses, take timing of lights, review the weather for that day and gather statistics about the involved vehicles.

Once the information has been assembled, the use of modern technology and special programs recreates the accident. Hopefully, the truth will prove that you were not at fault. One thing that makes these reports credible is the rigorous training and education the specialist must have. There is also an ongoing process to continue accreditation. The report complied is hard to dispute as it is the facts as reported.

When the day comes for you to go to trial, you will definitely find relief in knowing that you have a professional on your side. Not only will the case go your way, you may also find yourself awarded the expenses of hiring the reconstruction specialist.

Hopefully, you will not ever find yourself in a position to need a reconstruction specialist, but if you do, be sure to check references and have your attorney review any binding contracts. You will be glad you did.

Accident Reconstruction Specialist - The professional you need on your side when the accident wasn't your fault.

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