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Accident Police Reports 

"You are responsible for accuracy"

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Car accident police reports are filed by a police officer who observes the accident scene.  Before you leave the scene, the officer will either give you a copy of this report or, more likely, he will give you information for you to call the police department after the police reports have been processed regarding the car accident.

In many jurisdictions it is your responsibility to ask for these reports.

Car accident police reports include statements the officer obtained at the scene about the accident.  It also includes accident victim contact information along with other details that can significantly impact your case.  

Sometimes information the police officer described is inaccurate, so be sure to obtain a copy your to place in your  car accident police reports information file This simple effort could save you much money later on in insurance costs and difficulties obtaining a proper settlement.

Details about your accident may become fuzzy over time, but creating your claim before the statute of limitations expires means accurate details are necessary for years after the accident occurred.

Almost two years after my car accident, I searched for different auto insurance.  I was shocked to learn that my car insurance rates were almost 9x higher with some companies than I was accustomed to paying.   Since many of these companies now produced rates electronically, there was little information I could obtain even when I spoke with people over the phone from large insurance companies.

What I discovered was my insurance company covering the accident listed me as the driver at-fault.  I wasn't at fault.   An insurance agent told me "this is a common 'error'."   It seems suspicious that such a sweeping problem is a simple mistake, since the outcome would be huge insurance premiums people would pay with little explanation as to what the legitimate cause is.   

Since I already had my accident police reports listed in my file, I could quickly verify who was at fault.  My premiums were almost instantly adjusted.

How did I discover this problem?
I spoke with an auto insurance agent who works out of his own office.   He took a few minutes extra to help me understand just what the problem could be.  I had already had 4 other agents in 4 different companies tell me "the accident was the cause for the increase."   

This agent told me the same thing, but pointed out that I was incorrectly listed at-fault by my insurance company.  He also told me to fax him a copy of the car accident police reports which would clearly state if I was at fault.  In two days my rates dropped almost $1700/year!

Know Your Car History  
History databases on used cars are extensive and readily available.  When it comes time for you to sell a previously damaged used car, a buyer can very easily claim diminished value caused by any substantial damage previously repaired.  Car accident police reports list types of accidents in accessible databases for you or your buyer to find.

Used cars that have been in car accidents are often worth substantially less money than used cars that don’t have  car accident histories. As a result, it’s important to know that the car you’re looking to buy has not suffered serious damage repairs if you want to get a fair price.  Much information about these vehicles may come from car accident police reports and other repair records now entered into central databases.

When you’re shopping for used cars, make sure that you check all the information about the cars you’re looking at before you make a purchase.  It's easy to discover what car accident information is listed on your car for free at AutoCheck Record Checks

When you've settled on a used car, it's recommended to get the full report. A little money now can save you thousands when buying a vehicle that looks perfect, but just had great body work finished to complete the sale.

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