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Accident Caused by 91-year-old Driver

by Lori

I was 16 years old & being driven to school by my brother. We approached a four way intersection and... BOOM!
A car came out of nowhere and pushed us into a telephone poll.

I was knocked out for a couple of minutes and woke up to emergency personel hovering over me. Thankfully, I was wearing my seatbelt. Somehow I managed to hit the rearview mirror with my eye and hit the dashboard with my face.

I have never been so scared in my life! I was bleeding from my eye, my nose, my mouth and my cheek.

I was taken out of the car and put into an ambulance. For some reason I was brought to the hospital in the same ambulance as the man that caused the car accident. He was being asked his name, age, etc. by the EMT technician. He said that he was 91 years old!

I was 16 years old and scared to death that my face was going to be badly scarred for life. I blurted out "Please don't drive past 90 years old!" to him, in my haste!

The EMT told me not to talk to him, but I could not control myself. He ran a stop sign that had a flashing red light as well. I don't know what else he needed to get him to stop.

My brother's car was totalled. I was fine, but did end up with 2 facial scars. Since then I have always been a cautious driver and encourage people to drive defensively.

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Feb 21, 2008
Sad story, all too common
by: Anonymous

This is a big problem; I don't think we should decide whether people can have driver's licenses just based on their age, but there are changes that happen with age. I think better screening and retesting is needed.

Feb 21, 2008
by: Andy

I don't know if old people are always lucid enough to even know that they shouldn't be driving around. Glad you made it out okay!

Feb 07, 2008
Elderly Should be Tested
by: Anonymous

I agree, I think that once elderly people hit a certain age they should really be tested more on their driving ability. I have been in the car with a few elderly who really probably shouldn't have been driving.

Jan 27, 2008
Frequent Driver's Tests for Seniors
by: Lynn

Age shouldn't be the criteria on which to base an adult's ability to drive. Some states are now requiring frequent driver's tests for seniors over a certain age.

It's too bad that you were scarred. Hopefully the gentleman who caused the accident had his license suspended so that he wasn't able to cause any other accidents.

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