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"Dan Baldyga was a former insurance claims adjuster"

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Accident Car Compensation:  Dan Baldyga has a lifetime of experience in the field of motor vehicle accidents, personal injury and compensation. He worked his way through college employed by a detective agency, where his assignments included insurance fraud, missing persons, financial and background investigations and undercover operations. 

He specialized in representing major New England insurance companies, for whom he collected evidence in the inquiry of automobile accidents. Upon graduation, Baldyga joined the United States Navy and was assigned to the Special Unit in Criminal Investigations, where his primary duty was to travel throughout the Midwest, determining negligence and bringing to a conclusion those accident cases involving government motor vehicles.  

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Accident Car Compensation

He entered the world of insurance claims, where he worked as an insurance claims adjuster, was promoted to supervisor, and then to claims manager. 

He spent the last five years of his career assisting company attorneys at court trials.  

Baldyga wrote the groundbreaking
How To Settle Your Own Insurance Claim 

published by Macmillan. This revolutionary concept to assist laymen with their insurance claims created a heated debate within both the insurance and legal industries 

Because it revealed, for the first time, 
the secrets surrounding the settlement of motor vehicle accident claims and accident car compensation. 

This had never been done before! 

Baldyga appeared on over 100 regional and national television and radio talk shows throughout the United States. His innovative book sold 57,000 copies.

His publications also include the novel A Sailor Remembers and another "how to" insurance claim guide Secrets Never Told. He is a featured columnist and his articles appear monthly in Truckers 2000 and Independent Truckers Journal. His insurance claim pieces have appeared in dozens of magazines over the past several years including, Spare Time, Motorcycle Tour & Cruiser, Black Diaspora, Easy Rider, RV Magazine, Cruising Rider, Thunder Press, and Campers Monthly.

Upon his retirement, Baldyga decided that it was time to publish the 

Definitive self-help guide concerning 
motor vehicle accident personal injury claims. 

After examining mountains of statistics and confidential reports, he has created the Baldyga Auto Accident Settlement Evaluation (BASE) Formula. Experts have called this personal injury evaluation method "amazing" and "revolutionary." The BASE Formula is ingenious, yet matter-of-fact, simple, yet accurate, and it eliminates the mystery of how to place a monetary value on "pain and suffering."

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In his new book, Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim, Baldyga has once again broken new ground in the normally dormant, unchanging landscape of motor vehicle accident insurance claims -- and helped tip the balance from the insurance companies to the consumer.

Get Dan Baldyga's latest book, Auto Accident Personal Injury, Insurance Claim How To Evaluate And Settle Your Loss PLUS how adjusters work and think, how to place a value on your "pain and suffering."  

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