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A Wonderful Woman

About three months ago, early morning, on a Saturday I was driving my elderly grandmother to church. We where only about two blocks from the church when we were crossing an intersection without very visible stop signs.

I stopped at my stop sign and went ahead through the intersection. As we went through the intersection I remember seeing a large black SUV out of the corner of my eye.

The next thing I knew I was laying down in a hospital bed. When I woke up my grandma was there at my side. When she realized I was awake she started to cry and told me that she loved me much, and that she was sorry. She thought it was her fault that we got into the accident. I knew it wasn't though.

I told her not to worry about it. She cried even more then, and I was just happy that she was there with me and loving me. Her love and dedication to raise me since my mother disappeared is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

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