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A Caring Sister In-Law

by Lynette
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Both my husband and I were involved in a car accident and lucky to survive as our motor cycle hit a 5 ton truck. I thank my sister in-law who assisted with both our recoveries by giving us a room in her home and feeding us.

She assisted me by first taking me to her hair-dresser to have my hair untangled and cut.

She helped me climb into her 4x4 motor vehicle and packing the wheelchair in the back every time I had a clinic appointment.

She helped me into her shower and placed a chair in the cubicle so I could sit down instead of stand.

She also purchased any medication we required from the local chemist and changed our dressings, placing bandages and swabs into her microwave to ensure all gems and bacteria were destroyed.

Finally she rented a walker which helped my body to grow stronger by exercising.

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