Car Insurance Company Doctors

Car Insurance Company Doctors are legendary for prescribing the company line.

The company adjuster may tell you that she wants you to see her doctor, but that's not a demand. There are many things she will want you to do that will help the company's case.

In most cases you don't have to be seen by
an insurance company doctor
unless your case goes to court.

When in doubt over a dispute, speak with your attorney.

FACT: Almost 95% of Car Accident Settlement Claims never go to court.

Some adjusters may appear to insist. You can be firm, but always remain civil.

"Car Accidents Success Readers" recommend using your personal doctor office. In states without no-fault insurance laws, a judgment may be set against you when you're at fault. You pay the balance of doctor bills out of your pocket exceeding your insurance coverage.

As strange as it may seem, many people don't realize that the liability insurance they buy is a limit the car insurance company pays when it's needed.

That limit can break a family's financial life. If you have much to lose, increase your coverage.

Often a modest increase in coverage can be a slight increase in monthly car insurance costs. You can easily check the difference by looking here at many car insurance companies at one time.

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