Most sites that list GAS PRICES are missing information from large areas, because they rely on volunteer visitors to submit data. You can volunteer to enter data from the station nearest you.

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Price Portal - US & Canada is the portal site to more than 170 fuel price information web sites operated by the non-profit organization known as GasBuddy Organization Inc.

12 Month Average For Regular Unleaded
Cars Information - Surviving an Auto Accident

- Daily Fuel Gauge Reports
Averages for US National and State-by-State.


US Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Update
Weekly Canadian Pump Prices
Gas Prices Around The Globe
Many unmapped world areas. Submit prices from your area.

Pumps & Savings

An Illustrated Guide to Gas Pumps: Identification and Price Guide
Jack Sim
Easy Ways To Save Gas & Save Money: How To Fight High Gas Prices
Mel Leiding

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