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Your car accidents pictures and stories can help people around the 
world who have just been in a similar accident or who might avoid an accident because of your posting. 

Often one picture or your story can be the tip that helps someone avoid or recover from a similar situation.

Paste your pictures and stories 
into an email and send to   

1. Pictures & Stories

Submit pictures as .jpg or .gif formats. If you can't convert photos, please note that in your email and I'll do it for you.

Stories - Please include:
  • Date of Accident
  • Description
  • Location
2. Car Accidents Pictures Submission Agreement

3. Email to:
Thank You for Submitting Your Pictures & Stories




Don't Drink and Drive!
Drunk Driving Deaths Increased according to the NHTSA.  ____________________________________


After surviving a serious car accident I discovered where to get all the help I needed without worrying about a lawyer taking advantage of me and my situation. Much is on this website. If you have any questions that have been unanswered feel free to fill out the "Contact Mike Oliver" form and I will personally reply with the answers and make suggestions as to how you can get good help in your area. 

I Love Spreading the Word About How I got through a serious car accident Talked with a car accident lawyer every day As long as I needed And still saved more than $4000. :-)

Contact Mike Oliver


Learn Lessons from the Insider Secrets
One of the most recognized authorities in car accident settlements is Dan Baldyga.  Dan is a retired former national claims manager for one of the nations largest insurance companies. He was an expert company-side witness in hundreds of cases who saw how badly consumers were taken advantage of by the insurance and legal systems. He wrote his first self-help book and was promptly fired. Dan Baldyga is a selected Car Accident Settlements expert.

Dan's expert information is great for the everyday, non-technical reader:
How to Evaluate & Settle Your Loss


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