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Auto Accidents Claims

With adjusters, remember: Say Little Sign Nothing

Claims Adjusters are not your friends, but they aren't your enemies either.

Auto Accidents Claims Adjusters are working for the insurance company even though they will say they are calling to help you make this as easy as possible.

EVERYTHING you say to an Auto Accidents Claims Adjuster can be used against you, including how you say things.   You don't want to make an enemy out of these people.  They have a job to do and if you get abusive or difficult, they can note that in their computer report that gets passed to everyone you speak with to the end of your settlement.

When an adjuster first contacts you, she will appear very kind and possibly offer considerate, personal conversation.

Auto Accidents Claims Adjusters are not your friends!
  • Wait to settle.  Don't take the first offer.
    The adjuster is interested in closing claims as quickly as possible that are also considered satisfactory to the bosses.  Waiting to settle is usually in your best interest especially if you are under medical care.

  • Never talk with the opposing Auto Accidents Claims Adjuster
    The opposing attorney may be restricted from calling you, but the opposing adjuster can call to get all the information that she can.
  • Never give a recorded statement
    The best time to get you to talk is immediately after the accident. That's also when you may admit to things that aren't your fault. You can't take back a recorded statement.
  • Talk with your attorney before you speak with your adjuster
  • Meet in person. Tape record your meetings and have a witness present with you recommends Dan Baldyga
Winning Auto Accidents Claims often require the help of an attorney to ensure the best outcome.

Tell us about your experience with an auto accident claims adjuster.

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