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All Cell Phones Can Become 911 Emergency Cell Phones 911 EMERGENCY CELL PHONES Supports

In the United States today, there are over 50 million cell phones sitting in drawers and closets. Additionally, over 40 million cell phones are retired for newer models every year, with most ending up in closets, drawers or landfills.

By 2005, 130 million cell phones will go out of service annually in the United States, and the accumulated stockpile building up in our closets and drawers will have grown to more than 300 million, according to estimates in Bette K. Fishbein’s "Waste in the Wireless World: The Challenge of Cell Phone."  published last June by Inform, a nonprofit environmental research organization in New York.

By law, any cell phone that can be turned on can connect to 911. This is always a free call and does not require a service plan or service provider to dial. There are more than 100 different organizations in the Washington, DC area that make free cell phones available that have been reprogrammed for 911 emergency calls. Every organization works independently but performs the same work to prepare the phones for 911 use.

Each phone must go through the following process:
  • Testing and cleaning
  • Clearing of all stored numbers
  • Recharging of the battery
  • Matching the appropriate charger for the phone Secure the Call logo
  • Reprogramming for 911 and other numbers that the organizations require




Organizations that need donated cell phones for 911 emergency calls include the following:

  • Police departments
  • Neighborhood watch groups
  • Senior citizen centers
  • Domestic violence organizations

911 EMERGENCY CELL PHONES The program is designed to provide the service of collecting, reprogramming and donating 911 emergency cell phones free of charge to any organization that demonstrates a need for them. A small percentage of the phones collected will be sold to the cell phone recycling industry in order to cover the cost of reprogramming the donated phones.

~~From the DC Metropolitan Police Department 


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